EntryPoint Identity and Access Management

Identity Awareness Everywhere

With EntryPoint, customers have 100% visibility into who has access to what asset (physical or logical), regardless of the type of person they happen to be.   Employees, visitors, contractors, guest tenants may all be managed from a single, web-based platform.

IDMS and CMS Integration

Ready integration with Identity and Card Management systems ensures EntryPoint can leverage existing data stores for both publishing and receiving identity and card data.   IDMS integration ensures the integrity and security of transactions, as well as provides a ‘no touch’ option for provisioning, which saves customers time and money.

Continuous Identity Vetting

EntryPoint continually revalidates and revets identities and credentials inside its platform using multiple verification checks such as PKI revocation lists, banned and barred, and other sources of vetting data.   Customers also have the very flexible option of wiring up their unique, “zero knowledge” lists using our open API.

Secure Visitor Management

EntryPoint has the most secure visitor management platforms available today.   Using a combination of technology, process control, and identity vetting, EntryPoint helps ensure that visitors are securely and reliably vetted, approved and provisioned

Card and Credential Management

Starting in release 5.6, customers now have the ability to design, print, and encode badge media for persons who may not have or be eligible for a PIV card.   This ensures the media may be used with all customer access control readers

Full FICAM Support

All of EntryPoint’s products support federal FICAM requirements for verification and validation at time of access and registration.